How to Use Hashtags for Real Estate Agents on Social Media

Updated August 20, 2021
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What are real estate hashtags?

Hashtags are phrases or words that use the “#” symbol and is used to categorize what people are looking for.

They are thought of as mini-communities where people can share and discuss things they find interesting, but also potentially make new connections with others who are also interested in that topic.

It’s no secret that your clients are hanging out on social media. A recent study by the Pew Research Center shows that 79% of 18-29 year olds use Facebook, and 67% use Instagram. While for those between 30 and 49 years old 82% use at least one social platform, most commonly Facebook or Instagram.

In fact, a recent study by The Close found that 44% of real estate agents said they gained a new client in 2020 due to social media. With social media coming in as the second most popular way of obtaining new listings last year, only surpassed by referrals.

As a real estate agent, you can use real estate related hashtags to connect with potential clients on social media and get in on the action.

How many hashtags should I use?

There are no set rules for the number of hashtags to use in a post. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve with the post.

That said, here are some guiding principles:

  • If you just want your post to appear in a certain hashtag feed, then you should use less than five hashtags.
  • If you want your post to reach a wide audience and be able to find someone who is relevant, then you might want to use 10-12 hashtags.

Should you use real estate hashtags on Facebook?

Short answer – yes.

In the past hashtags on Facebook were pointless because they were not integrated into the platform.

These days things have changed, and they are now recommended to boost engagement with your posts. That being said, they’re more powerful on other platforms.

How to use real estate hashtags on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

The hashtag is an invaluable tool for real estate marketing. Using the right hashtags can help you to reach a larger audience, and attract potential customers to your listings.

It’s important to note that hashtags should not be abused by overusing them, or by using them incorrectly. The use of hashtags is meant to make it easier for people to find your content but if you use too many that have little correlation with your topic, you may confuse people who are looking for another type of post in your feed.

For example:

#Homes: This hashtag is best used for pictures of houses, apartments, or homes that are on the market. You can also use this hashtag in place of the listing name if you want to show your house on Instagram but don’t have an account.

#LoveMyHouse: This hashtag is best used with photos that showcase how much you love where you live. You can also use this in place of the listing name if you want to show your house on Instagram but don’t have an account.

#WhatILoveAboutThisHome: The #WhatILoveAboutThisHome hashtag is best used when sharing your favourite things about a property.

Do you see how each has a unique purpose?

Don’t just jam in unrelated hashtags hoping it will boost your post. Pick and choose what’s relevant to your post.

Top real estate hashtags

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