How Agents Can Convert Website Visitors into Leads

Updated August 20, 2021
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In the world of real estate, when you sign a homebuyer, you are signing a lifetime client.

The average American moves once every 5 years and the average homebuyer has up to 7 houses in their lifetime. However, with so much competition in the industry, it can be difficult for agents and brokers to get their foot in the door. That’s why converting website visitors into leads is key.

Converting website visitors into leads gives you a direct line to those interested in your service. It’s one of the most valuable marketing activities you can undertake.

The idea is simple – offer website visitors something valuable in exchange for their contact information. In marketing speak, the thing you offer them is called a “lead magnet”.

1. Target Your Audience and Give Them What They Want

For any type of marketing to work, you need a clear idea of who you’re targeting – converting website visitors into leads is no different.

You need to know who your customers are, and what they want. High flying executives will have different needs to middle-class families. Then you can create a lead magnet that speaks directly to their needs and desires.

Once you know your audience, write down their pain points and goals when it comes to property. Create your lead magnet around that.

It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, but it does have to be valuable. Something interesting and valuable enough for them to give up their contact information (name, email or phone) in exchange for the lead magnet.

2. Free Content to Maximize Conversions

One of the easiest ways to drive high conversions is with a free offer – even better if it’s something you can offer for free for a limited time.

If you’re stuck for inspiration a free consultation or free home appraisal always works well for real estate agents, but I suggest you also thinking up some other valuable content potential clients would want and offer it for free.

3. Incentivize them with social proof and testimonials.

People are more likely to take up your offer if they see that others have done the same.

Show them stats of how many people have downloaded the lead magnet. Or how many clients you have served.

You can also do this by working with influential bloggers or people on Instagram. The testimonials from these famous users create trust and credibility for your company.

4. Make your lead magnets easy to find

The best way to collect leads is to create a landing page. Landing pages are designed to funnel traffic, generate leads and convert visitors into prospects. They’re typically the first thing your prospective customer sees and are a great introduction point for your business.

But don’t stop there!

A lot of agents create their offer, put it on a landing page, and forget about it. This is a big mistake. You’ve gone to the trouble of creating your lead magnet, so offer it to your website visitors as often as possible.

Put links to your landing page in the sidebar, in the top navigation, inside blog posts, in your email signature, on social media, and anywhere else you can think. Promote it far and wide. Make sure it can be seen.